Barnard Castle Shopping Trail

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The shop at the Norman Barnard Castle (140) is 
open to the public

Come out of the Castle
gates onto the green area
of Scar Top


Barnard Castle was founded in the 12th century and once belonged to Richard III  

Scar Top has views across the river, mini golf, picnic facilities and a children's play area. You'll also find Woodleigh - temporary home of the Visitor Information Point - close by on Flatts Road


Turn right up the
and leave
Scar Top with the
Methodist Church
on your right

Turn right onto


The Methodist Trinity Wesleyan church
was built in 1894

As you turn onto
the Horsemarket,
look out for the
'Doll's House'
at 40A

      the 'Doll's House'

Passing the Victorian
Witham Hall  on
your left, Horsemarket becomes Market Place

The Witham is a
Victorian building in Greek Ionic style. The Visitor Information Point is located here


Go straight ahead along
the Market Place

The Teesdale Mercury has been published from the Market Place since 1854

The Kings Court care
home was a hotel when Dickens stayed
here in 1838


Go straight ahead
past the octagonal
Market Cross
in the middle
of the road


  The Market Cross  was once used as a butter market and a prison. There are two bullet holes in the weather vane where a gamekeeper and a militiaman used it as a target for a shooting competition in 1804   


Descend the
steep hill that
is The Bank

At the bottom of The Bank,
go straight ahead onto Thorngate, and immediately left into Gray Lane

 Blagraves, with its
stone musicians on
the front, is the
oldest house in
Barney, dating back
to the 15th century

 The unusual gable end on the corner of Bridgegate is stopping the terrace from falling down the hill


Follow Gray Lane
to the open green area
of the 

The Demesnes was left
to the community as
common land, and has
river views and
riverside walks


 Turn left on
Old School Close
with the Demesnes
on your right and
the Old School
straight ahead at the
top of the slope


 Above the stone
arch into Broadgates
is a chapel, where
John Wesley preached
in 1765

 In the top corner of
the Demesnes, at the
Old School, fork left
up the slope and pass
through the gateway
into the graveyard of
St Mary’s parish

Turn left on the path
between the trees

Note the memorial
cross behind a tree
to the 143 people
who died in the
cholera outbreak
of 1849


  Follow the path round to the front of the church noting Amen Corner  on the left

Leave the churchyard
and turn right into Newgate

Barnard Castle Masonic Hall
is home to three lodges



 Pass St Mary’s Catholic
church on your left...

John Bowes was
buried at the back of
St Mary’s Catholic
church in 1885 

Parsons Lonnen (on the right) is the lane along which the local priest would have driven his cattle

    ...and go on to the main entrance of the Bowes Museum (100)

The Bowes shop and
café are open to the public

Go up the steps to the front of the building & turn left. Cross the lane and take the path into the trees

At the T-junction with the Woodland Walk path, turn right and leave the grounds by the gate  in the wall ahead of you


Turn left into Crook Lane, cross the road, and take the footpath on your right in front of the Scout Hut, through Dawson Road play area


Keep the play area on your left and exit via the footpath onto residential Richardson Fields



St Clare’s chapel was
built to deal with funerals
in the surrounding graveyard


Follow the road round to the right
and left down to the T-junction

Turn left onto Victoria Road
and take the first right
into John Street

At the end of John Street, turn left
onto Galgate (Gallowgate)
and cross the road

Galgate was previously known as Gallowgate because public hangings took place here

The Garden of Remembrance commemorates those who lost
their lives in the Boer War

Follow Galgate to the end ...

fountain erected
in 1874 over an
old stream

... and arrive at the entrance to Scar Top and the Castle